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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Twenty Three?

“Oh my baby, Beauty? Are you alright?” Mrs Jones asked after hearing her daughter’s voice.

“I’m fine mom” she replied.

“I saw the news. Are you really married?” She asked. Beauty rolled her eyes in frustration. She didn’t understand why people didn’t want to believe her.

“I’m married. I told you before” she said.

“I thought you were making it all up. Who is he? Is he really rich?” She asked. Beauty hated when her mother ask her so many questions but she wish she could answer them.

“I have to go now mom”

“But Beauty?”

“Bye” she said and hung up.

She threw her phone on the table and slipped her fingers into her hair.

“Is everything alright?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah, it is” she replied, staring at him.

“You should have some rest now. You had a hectic day today already” he said.
Beauty smiled.

“Thank you” she murmured.
The next morning, Beauty was woken up by her unexpected guest.
“Beauty?” Dylan called out. She thought it was all a dream, till she felt something warm on her neck. She shot her eyes wide open and sat up slowly. She yawned tirelessly and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.

“What time is it?” She asked.

“You have a guest” he said to her. She could now see clearly. She diverted her gaze to him, giving him a questioning look.

“I didn’t tell anyone about this place, I don’t have friends. So who?” She asked.

“Tara” he said.

“Oh! I have to take a shower” she said and ran into the bathroom. She poked her head out of the bathroom and signalled him to get in.
“Oh Tara” Beauty called her name as she walked towards her.

Tara heard her voice and stood up. She wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tight.

“You didn’t go to school today?” She asked.

“No, I didn’t. I came to spend time with you. I know my brother is too busy to keep you company” she said.

“Don’t talk too much Tara. How’s mom and dad?”

“Well, bad news. Dad has been in the hospital since last week. He has cancer and mom doesn’t care” she said.

“How did it happen?” He asked.

“I don’t know Dylan” he said.

“I’ll have to check on him” he said.

“His company is running down slowly. Jason is so useless at home, mom can’t run the company well. She just go about, receiving d!cks”

“Shhh” Beauty said.

“I’ll have to go check on him”

“Okay Dylan. You go while I keep your wife company” she said. Dylan smiled and left the house.

“Wanna take a tour round the house?” Beauty asked.

“Yeah, I’d love to” she replied. Beauty grabbed her arm and they walked away.
Dylan drove to the hospital and pulled over. He sat in the car for some minutes, thinking about the day he left the house. His father didn’t even do anything that day. He just watched him as he left the house. He shook the thought off his head and alight from the car. He didn’t have any escort with him. He also didn’t dress like a billionaire. He just wore a jean trouser and a long sleeve jacket.

“Hello” he said to the receptionist.

“How can I help you?” She asked him.

“Um, I’m looking for my father. Mr White?” He asked.

“Oh, you’re his son. The…bad one or the good one” the receptionist asked as she laughed.

“The bad one” he replied. The receptionist didn’t expect him to reply. She just stopped laughing and stared at him.

“Vip room 4” she said.

“Thanks” he said and left. The receptionist wished she never asked that question. She fummed and answered the next patient.
Dylan got into the elevator and looked round the hospital for VIP room 4. He found it after some minutes.

He knocked the door and he heard his father’s cracked voice.

“Come in” he heard.

He opened the door and pushed himself into the room.

“Hey father” he said. He met his father on a wheelchair, staring at the television. He adjusted his eyeglasses before he knew it was Dylan.

“D.. Dylan? Is that you?” He asked.

“Yes father, it’s me” he said.

“You traitor!” He yelled and started sobbing.
Dylan just remained silent as he lowered his gaze.

“Come here” his father said. He walked towards his father and sat beside him.

“You’ve grown so big” he said.

“You’ve grown so old” he replied.

His father laughed. Dylan missed that laugh.

“You really took after your mother” he said and sniffed in. Dylan didn’t know his father was crying.

“Why are you crying father?” He asked.

“I’m sorry Dylan. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t save your mother, I’m sorry I couldn’t also protect you” he said.

“It’s okay father” he said.

“The doctor said I have two weeks left to live” he said. Dylan heard that, tears rolled down his cheek.

“Father” he called out.

“I made a huge mistake getting married to your step mother. She’s gonna sell the company” he said.

“I won’t let that happen” he said.

Mr White laughed again.
“What can you do Dylan? You’re just a cab driver” he said.

“I know father, I’m a cab driver” he said. That was the lie he told his father.
He didn’t want him to know his status.

“I want you to have the company Dylan. I’ll get the papers before she does. Your mother was the one who ran the company. It was going smoothly before she died. I never knew this one was the opposite of your mother”

“Father, I’ll take care of everything. Just leave it to me” Dylan said.

Mr White laughed again.
“I haven’t laughed since I got to admitted here. Thanks for keeping me company Dylan. I’m truly sorry” he said.

Dylan smiled.
“I’ll stay here as long as I can” he replied.
“You know Jason?” Tara asked Beauty as they were eating the fourth bowl of ice cream.

“Yeah, I do. He’s a total jerk”

“I know right” Tara said and giggled.

“He tried to force himself on me” Beauty added.

“He’s always saying you deserve to be ugly, if you didn’t reject his f*ck, you wouldn’t have been ugly” Tara said.
Beauty gave a weird smile. She remembered when he was always on set but now, she hasn’t even taken any shoot.

“I’m sorry if I said something bad”

“No, you didn’t. I just remembered something” she said.
“Do you want another ice cream?” Beauty asked.

“No I’m full” she replied.

“Great more for me” she said and pulled it closer to herself. Tara stared at Beauty as she scooped te ice cream into her mouth.
Dylan helped his father lay on the bed. He spent the whole day with him. He covered him and watched him as he slept off.
He arranged his room and left after some minutes.
“Hi” the receptionist he spoke to earlier stopped him.

“Hi” he replied.

“I’m sorry for talking to you that way. I’m deeply sorry” she said.

“It’s okay” he replied and walked away. She followed him to the door.

“Wait, can we have coffee sometime?” She asked.

“Too busy for that” he said and walked away. She watched him as he got into his car and zoomed off. The receptionist saw the flashy car.

“So hot” she moaned.
Dylan got into the house later. He saw Beauty and Tara sleeping in the living room. He saw the empty bowls of ice cream.

He walked towards them and took a better look. Tara raised her head when she heard her brother’s footstep. She wasn’t sleeping deep.


“Shhh” he shushed her. She nodded and slowly stood up.

“I’ll get going now. Bye” she said.

“I’ll need your help with something Tara” he said.
Beauty found herself on the bed. She sat up, feeling some sharp pain in her stomach.

“Ouch” she moaned and stared at the bed. It was stained. She closed her mouth in shock. She was on her period and she didn’t know.

“Oh jeez” she heard the bathroom door open. She diverted her gaze to Dylan. Dylan sighted her and stared at the bed.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

“Shhh, sorry for what? It’s fine. It’s natural” he said.

“No, I’m not supposed to..”

“Beauty? Listen to me, go have your bath and have your dinner” he said.

She nodded and stared at the bed again.
She walked out few minutes later and saw that the bed was clean.
“Silly me” she murmured and went into the closet.
She slipped into something and walked downstairs to the dinning room.
Dylan and the others were waiting for her.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting” she said and sat beside Dylan.

“Are you alright?” He whispered.
She nodded.

“Thank you” she whispered in reply.

“Let’s eat, shall we?” He said. The chef started serving the meal.
Chef Beauty ?

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