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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Four?

Mrs Jones stood by the door watching Beauty as she slept soundly.
“Sally, take care of her for me. I have to travel to Africa for some business deal. I’ll be back next week”

Sally nodded and watched Mrs Jones as she walked out of the mansion.

Sally stared at Beauty as she slept. She knew how sad she was. Beauty loved her face more than anything in the world.
Now, there’s been a twist in her life.

Sally went to her special room and slept off.
When she woke up, she went to check on Beauty.
She was standing in her balcony smoking.
She smokes anytime she was angry.

Sally slowly walked towards her.
“My lady”

Beauty turned her neck and saw it was Sally.
“Where’s my mother?” She asked.

“Um, she said that she was going on a business deal in Africa and will be back next week” Sally replied.

Beauty nodded.
“Everything is all gone. Even my mom is leaving me. Very soon Sally would leave me”

“I’m not leaving you Beauty. I’m your friend and I’m here to support you during your good and your bad times”

“Oh shut up Sally. Don’t pretend to me”

Sally kept mute.

“Middle class people like you aren’t trustworthy at all” Beauty almost yelled.

“Look Beauty. I’ve been your friend for almost ten years. You treat me bad but I’m still here for you. What else do you want me to do? Do you want to hear something? I think this new change of yours fits you perfectly. At least you will know what it feels to be ugly and learn something new” Sally said and left the mansion.

“I was right, Sally would soon leave me. Now she has” she threw her cigarette butt on the floor and went back to her room.

She grabbed her laptop and searched for something online.
‘Weird ways how does people become ugly’

She read it and saw nothing happened to her. No one splashed acid on her, she didn’t eat anything poisonous, no one cast a spell on her, no one curse her…


“Curse? The curse to become ugly. Is that a thing?” She asked herself.

Her mind went to the woman she met at the supermarket.
She remembered what she said about her being ugly.

“Oh no, I’ve been cursed. But I don’t understand why? I need to find that woman”

She stood up and ran to the door.

She immediately stopped. She forgot she had to cover her face.
She grabbed her scarf and went to her car.
She quickly covered her face and hit the road.
Beauty drove swiftly to the supermarket and parked her car in front of the supermarket.

She stared at the entrance she would see the old woman but she didn’t.
She was very short and plump. She looked very old because her face was ugly and has wrinkles on it.

“Oh no, where do I find that woman now?” She thought.

She drove home after waiting for a long time.
As she drove into the compound, she saw Jason waiting outside her house. He was leaning on his car waiting patiently.

She exhaled deeply and walked towards him.
“What do you want?” She asked.

Jason diverted his gaze to her and smiled.
“So what people were saying is true? What happened to your face?” He asked.

“Leave Jason. I don’t want to talk to you” she said and turned to head into the house.

“Look. I don’t care what happened to you. I still want to have you no matter what” he said.

Beauty swiftly turned and removed her scarf and glasses.
“Can you marry someone that look like this?!!” She yelled.

Jason mouth fell opened.
He was surprised, he didn’t know when he gave a sudden laugh.

“Yeah, laugh all you want. I don’t care”

“Seriously, if I were you, I’ll just commit suicide. How can you look so ugly?” He laughed and head to his car.

“I don’t think any man would want to get married to you” he said and drove off.

Beauty held back her tears. She ran into her room and continued crying. She thought about what happened between the she and old woman.

“I was rude to her. I get thing now. I’m very ugly, very ugly. I know the old woman was talking about my behavior” she paused and cried more.

“I need to find the old woman and change my ways. If that’s the only thing to get my beauty back”
“Now, no one would marry me just because I’m ugly”

Her phone dinged again.
She saw the latest news online.
“Indeed Beauty is very ugly. I saw her today”

People shared Jason’s post. He told the truth already.

People flooded into Beauty’s timeline and started questioning her.
“Are you really ugly?”

“What happened Beauty? Did you suddenly turn ugly?”

“I can’t wait to see your ugly face Beauty. I’ve been waiting for this day”

She closed her phone and dropped it.
She needed Sally back.

She picked her phone and sent her a message.
“Hey Sally, I apologise for whatever I said to you. I’m really sorry. Please come back soon. Love Beauty”

She felt really bad talking to her like that. She should just try and change her behavior, but how?
She has been a rude girl since she was a child.
It’s gonna be very difficult to change.
Sally was laying on the bed in her small room. She saw Beauty’s message and slowly sat up.
Beauty has never apologized to anyone before.
This is so unreal, she thought.

Immediately, she arranged some clothes in some bags and went over to her place the next morning.
She entered the compound and saw Beauty jogging into the compound.
She wasn’t covering her face at all.

Sally walked close to her with her eyes wide open.

“My lady, did you go out like this?” She asked.

“Yeah” Beauty replied panting.

“But why?”

Before she could reply, she brought out her phone and showed Sally what’s on her screen.
“To show them proof”

The news that she’s ugly was now tagged true.
She went out for people to see her and take pictures of her so that they could know that she was ugly.

Some of her true fans were saying that they won’t believe it till they see it.

“Oh no, my lady, you shouldn’t have done that” Sally cried out.

“Look Sally. What you told me last night was true. I really deserve this. I know what I did to deserve it”

“What happened?”

“Let’s go to the room. I need to make a live video first”

Sally shook her head and followed Beauty in.
She set her phone and stood in front of it.
She immediately started the live video…

“Hey guys, it’s me ugly Beauty. I know some of you didn’t believe it but as you can see now. I’ve turned really ugly. My enemies has finally won, they’ve gotten what they want. I don’t know what really happened but I hope I get over it soon…”

She didn’t finish before she quickly went off.
She started sobbing again.
Almost ten million people watched that video.
Some people were happy that she was ugly, some weren’t.

“OMG, I can’t believe that my favorite model is now ugly. I have to find another favorite one immediately”

“No matter what happens to you. You are still my favorite”

“Ouch, now the ugly beauty finally showed herself”

Sally read the comments to her as Beauty laid on the bed crying softly.

“You still have some people with you”

She slowly sat up.
“Do you think I’m rude?” She suddenly asked.

Sally turned her gaze and sighed.

“Sally, tell me everything. Tell me my true character”

“Okay, you are rude arrogant and kinda a spoilt brat” she said.

Beauty nodded.
“I see. I just need to change maybe I can get my face back”

“Oh no!!” Sally yelled.

“What?” Beauty also yelled wondering why Sally yelled like that.

“The head office said they regret signing with you. But luckily for you, you’ve signed even before the news got out”

“Yeah, thanks to mom. Look Sally. You need to help me”

“I’ll help you with anything my lady”

“First of all, call me Beauty not my lady. We need to find an old woman. When I went to the supermarket to get the chips and icecream. I bumped into an old woman and insulted her. I think she cursed me”

“Oh no! Do you remember her face?”

“I can find her once I see her” Beauty replied.

“This is gonna be very hard, but I’ll help you”

“Thanks Sally” Beauty said and wrapped her arms round Sally.
Am old woman entered the young man’s room in an old and creaky house.
“Aren’t you going yet?” She asked.

“No. I’ll leave tomorrow. I just need to spend time with you granny” the young man replied.

“Ohh my son” she said with her shaky voice and sat with him on the bed.
She kissed his forehead and glanced at his phone.

She smiled when she saw Beauty’s picture.
“Finally, she has gotten what she deserves”

“Do you know this lady?” He asked.

“Yes. I made her ugly”

“What?? Why granny?” He asked.

“She is arrogant and rude. The only way for her to get back to her right sense is through this” she replied.

The young man stared at pictures. He looked at her when she was beautiful and when she was now ugly.

“I want you to marry her Dylan!”

The young man suddenly turned his neck and stared at her granny.
“What?” He asked almost in a whisper.

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