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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Six?

Beauty heard him say so. She arched her eyebrows and slowly raised her head to look at the man who was saving her.

She saw his cute pink lips and wavy hair. She couldn’t look into his eyes because he was very tall.
“Who the fuck is this?! Hey, get out!” The lady yelled at Dylan.
He rolled his eyes and stared at Beauty.
Beauty saw his eyes, cute blue eyes.

“Stop staring and head outside” he said and nodded towards the door.

Beauty lowered her gaze and cleaned her tears.
She turned and walked towards the door.

Dylan rolled his eyes and walked behind her.
She had spoilt everything. He wanted to go into the office secretly but she’s spoilt everything.

Beauty quickly went out and ran to her car.
“Thank you” she said to Dylan.

Dylan ignored her and walked his own car.
Beauty rolled her eyes and entered her car.

“Let’s go Sally”

“What happened? You came out with your face like this”

“Long story, let’s leave from here” she said and left.

Beauty told Sally everything that happened in the company.

“Really? A stranger saved you?”

Beauty nodded her head.

“Wait wait!!!” Sally quickly pulled over.

Beauty ran out of the car and went to meet the old woman she found by the road.

“I’ve found her at last!!” She yelled at Sally.

The old woman stared at Beauty and frowned.
“What do you want?” She asked in her shaky voice.

“Please, get this thing off my face. I can pay whatever amount you want but please get it off”

The old woman shook her head and continued walking with her heavy bag. She was just coming from the grocery store.

Beauty frowned and walked beside the old woman.
“Excuse me, I know you aren’t deaf. Please please. I know you want me to be good and not rude, so I’m pleading with you. Get this trash off my face” Beauty said calmly this time.

The woman threw her bag at Beauty.
“Follow me” she said.

“Please just let’s use my car so that we can be faster” Beauty pointed at the car.

The old woman stared at the car. Sally waved at her.

She ignored her and kept on walking.
Beauty followed her behind. The sun was too hot.

Beauty started to sweat as she walked beside the woman.

Sally drove with them slowly. She was getting tired because the woman was too slow.

After an hour, they arrived at an old cottage.
Beauty squeezed her face and followed her into the compound.
It was very old and tattered.

Sally parked the car and slowly alighted from the car.

“Ohh, my son is here” she smiled and went into house.

“My baby!” She called out.

“I’m here granny!”
She heard a quick response.

Beauty stared round the whole small house and was feeling uncomfortable.

“Oh, you. Go drop the groceries in the kitchen” she pointed at a door.

Beauty nodded and slowly went to the place the woman called a kitchen.

Beauty placed the bag on an old stool and walked out of the kitchen.

“Have a seat” she pointed at a chair.
Without complain, she sat on the chair.

Sally waited outside for Beauty. She leaned in Dylan’s car. Suddenly, the car horned.

She shook in fear and started breathing hard.

Leo came out from the car and stood beside her.
“What are you doing here?” He asked.

She rolled her eyes and looked away from him.
“Why are you asking me?” She replied.

“Whatever” he replied and went back into the car.

Sally rolled her eyes and leaned on the car again.

Leo horned at her again.

She was frightened again. She angrily went to stand beside Beauty’s car which was distanced from the house.
Beauty sat for some time waiting for the old woman to speak.
“Ma’am?” She called out.

The old woman instantly turned her head to stare at Beauty.
“Yes?” She asked.

“My face” she pointed.

“Oh, there’s nothing I can do for that. Once I’ve cursed you, the curse can never be broken” she said.

Beauty jerked up and yelled.

“The curse will be broken on its own. Just do what you are asked to do” she replied.

Suddenly, Dylan came out from a room with his phone on his left hand.
“Hey granny”

Beauty furrowed her eyebrows when she saw him.
“Does he have a twin?” She murmured.

“Ohh my dear. Why did you come back?” She asked.

“Nothing much. Something happened at the company so I had to leave” he replied and sat beside Beauty.

“Hmm” the woman nodded.

Beauty slowly sat and stared at Dylan.
“Why are you staring at me?” He asked.

“Sorry. Do you in any way have a twin?” She scratched her head.

He hissed and looked away from her.

Beauty didn’t cover her face at all. She lowered her gaze.
She almost forgot that she was now ugly.

“I’m sorry” she murmured.

Dylan stared at her.
“I’m Dylan” he stretched his hand.

“I’m beau..” she bit her lips.

“Just call me Beauty” she completed it and shook his hand.

The old woman cleared her throat and stared at Beauty.
“Go make something for me to eat”

Beauty shot her mouth wide open.
“What? I don’t know how to cook” she replied.

“There’s spaghetti in the kitchen. Prepare it. I’m hungry!” She yelled.

Beauty quickly sprung up and slowly walked the kitchen.
She brought out her phone and quickly read some steps on how to prepare spaghetti and tomato sauce.

She didn’t understand a bit but she could try.
She slipped the phone back into her pocket.

She put the pot on fire and poured some water into it.
She poured the spaghetti into the pot and covered it.

She roughly diced the tomatoes and onions.
“Granny, how do you expect me to marry her?”

“Look Dylan. You have to get married to her. You are destined to be together. I won’t force you but trust me, you will fall in love with her”

Dylan kept quiet. He knew anything granny say was always true. It would surely come to pass.

“Would she know about my secret?”

“You will tell her after you are married. I’ll advice you both to do a secret marriage” the granny said almost in a whisper.

“My family?”

“Don’t let them know. They will know everything with time” she said.

Dylan sighed and leaned on the chair.
Beauty prepared the meal after an hour.
She dished it and brought it for the granny.

“Oh gosh, I think it’s bad” she thought.

Granny took a spoonful and nodded.
“Nice. But next time, make it more spicy”

“Spicy food isn’t good for your health” Beauty said.

The granny diverted his gaze to her.
“Go get some for Dylan”

She nodded and went into the kitchen.
She came back with two plates.
She gave Dylan a plate and took the other one outside.

Sally saw her walking out of the house. She ran to meet her.

“Thank goodness, I thought something must have happened to you”

“I’m fine. I made this” Beauty gave Sally the plate of spaghetti.

“What? You made this?”

“Yeah, the granny made me cook it. I know you must be hungry. Just eat okay. I’ll be out soon” Beauty said and went back inside.

Granny and Dylan were done cooking.
Granny pointed at a bucket.
She went towards the bucket and fetched two cups.

She gave it to them each and stood watching them gulp down the water.

Dylan didn’t understand how and why granny trusted a stranger to the extent of eating a meal prepared by her.

“I need to go now granny”

“Okay. Make sure you come back here tomorrow. By 8am. Don’t be a minute late. You will prepare something for me to eat for breakfast”

Beauty frowned and nodded.

She quickly left the house and drove off to her house.
Sally drove off to the house, listening to everything the old woman told her.

“Wow, you really prepared the spaghetti well. It was delicious” she said.

“I don’t understand. She said spaghetti and tomato sauce. She was expecting it to the spicy”

Sally gave a gentle laugh.
“When we get home, I’ll teach you some cooking skills”

“Thanks Sally. The young man that saved me at the company was actually there”

“You mean the man that saved you was at the old woman’s place?”

“I just said that” Beauty rolled her eyes.

“That’s strange. But how did he get there so fast?”

“The time spent walked with the old woman was enough for one to get there fast with a car” Beauty replied.

“She is sure weird. After making you wait for a long time, she ended up doing nothing to your face” Sally frowned and stole glances from Beauty.

“Well, I guess I just have to leave my life like this. Ugly Beauty” she replied as Sally drove into the compound.

She swiftly came down and ran into the mansion.
She grabbed her laptop and fell on the bed.

“Cooking tips..” she browsed the internet and started learning some things.

Sally stood by the door and smiled.
“Making her do the impossible” she thought.

Beauty has never cooked or plead with someone before.
But now, she is changing gradually.

Her rude character is fading away making Sally happy.

She returned to her room and slept off.
Beauty learned how to prepare so many dishes taking note of the ingredients.
“I’ll make her vegetables porridge tomorrow” she thought smiling to herself.
Chef Beauty ?

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