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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Nine?

Beauty took the other bag from Sally and went into the house.

Sally frowned and went to sit back with Leo.
She wanted to investigate him and know more about Dylan.

“What if he’s the king of modelling industry? But what can he doing here?” She thought.

She turned and stared at Leo, smiling at him weirdly.
“Hey Leo”

“What Sally?” He asked not sparing her a glare.

“Okay, I want to ask if your boss doesn’t have a house or… How does he pay you if he doesn’t have a job?” She asked.

Leo turned his back and stared at him through the corner of his eyes.
“I don’t want to answer any of your questions now”

“You have to. I know you both are hiding something and I’ll figure it out very soon” Sally said and went to sit in the car.
Beauty, Dylan and granny sat on the chair arranging what Beauty bought from the store.
“So Beauty, I heard that you had a proposal” granny said.

Beauty raised her head and stared at Dylan.
He quickly diverted his gaze elsewhere.
“Blabbermouth” she murmured.

“Well, yes granny” she replied.

“That’s good. When are they coming?”

“Tonight” she replied.

Granny shot Dylan a glare and blinked repeatedly.
“Isn’t that too soon?” She asked.

“It’s my mom rushing things. I don’t want to get married to an insane person. I can wait for anyone to marry me for who I am but I can’t risk my life”

Granny sighed deeply and stared at the old clock opposite the door.
“Okay, it’s almost evening. You can go home and prepare for the proposal already”

Beauty closed her face and stood up.
She grabbed her purse and left the house.

Sally drove slowly to the house. Beauty asked her to do that so she can get home late.

As Sally drove into the compound, she saw furious Mrs Jones standing outside.
“Did you mom call you?” Sally asked.

“Yeah, I switched off my phone. I don’t want to see her calls” Beauty replied before stepping out of the car.

She catwalked towards her mom and greeted her.
“Hey Mom”

“Where have you been?” Her mom suddenly asked.

“Somewhere” she raised her eyebrows.

“You know you have a proposal today and you still decide to come home late” her mom was really mad at her.

“I told you Mom I can’t get married to an insane man”

“I’ve been trying my best to make you happy but you…”

“And do you think getting married to an insane person will make me happy? Huh? Stop trying mom, you’ve done enough. I’ll find my partner myself” Beauty said and walked towards the house.

“You better go get ready right now, they will be here any minute”

Beauty rolled her eyes and ran to her room.

Sally followed her in and helped her get dressed.
“No, I’m not applying any stupid make-up. It won’t still cover up anything” Beauty said staring at her ugly face through the mirror.

She wore a simple gown not trying to look special.
She combed her long hair and made it fall on her shoulders.

“I think they are here already” Sally said and helped her stand up.

She sighed and walked out of the room.

As Beauty walked down the stairs, she saw the guy she was about to marry. He was cute but mad.

“Gosh, he is so cute” Sally whispered as she walked behind her.

“I guess this what you call madly cute” she chuckled.

Beauty stood in front of the guys parents.
They squeezed their face when they saw her.

“I think we should just sit and talk about the wedding already” Mrs Jones said pointing at the sitting room.

They nodded and followed her.
Beauty stared at him as he kept on jerking his head to the side and saliva coming out from his mouth.
He looked gentle.

Beauty left him and followed her mother to the sitting room.

She was on her phone not paying attention to what they were saying.

“Umm, how about they spend some time together to know each other well” Beauty heard his mother’s voice.

“Sam, go with Beauty and…”

“Oh, I’m not interested ma’am. I can just sit here” she replied waving her hand.

Beauty stared at the guy again as he fixed his gaze on her.
“I can’t get married to him” she murmured and texted Sally.
Sally heard her phone beeped, she brought it out and saw the message.
‘Got it’ she replied and started doing what Beauty asked her to do.
Sam suddenly stood up from his sit and slowly walked towards Beauty.
Everyone stared at him wondering what he wanted to do.

He suddenly grabbed her hair and started shaking her continuously.
Beauty screamed at the top of her voice for help.

Her mother stood up to help her but she couldn’t. He seemed to strong.

The guy’s mother brought something from her bag and put it on his skin.
He groaned and fell back on his chair.

“Are you hurt?” They asked her.

“What the fuck was that?” She asked panting hard.

“He gets mad in his own sometimes. That’s why when you get married you have to carry this along with you”

“And when I don’t have that. He will kill me huh?”

Beauty stood up and faced his family.
“I’m sorry, I can’t get married to your son”

“Beauty?” Her mother called out.

“You’ve heard me mom. Stop trying already. I’ll go thing my way now” she said again and left the house.

Mrs Jones tried to calm their family but they seemed mad.

Beauty swiftly entered her car and locked the door.
“Everything ready?” She asked Sally who has been waiting for her.

“Yes Beauty” she replied.

“Let’s go already” she said and fastened her seatbelt.

Sally nodded and zoomed off.
Mrs Jones excorted them to the door and bid them goodbye.
She didn’t see her daughter’s car anywhere.

“Where has she gone to?” She murmured as she brought her phone out.

“Still switched off. Let me call Sally”
“Your mom is calling me?” She said to Beauty staring at her phone and back to the road.

“Just ignore it” Beauty said and collected the phone.
“Still not answering. I just hope she is safe” her mom murmured.
She was really worried about Beauty. She just want to make sure she has someone to marry.
Beauty slowly drove into granny’s compound.

“Are you sure you can stay here?”
Beauty asked.

“Sure, I’ll just sleep in the car” she replied.

“You don’t want to lodge in an hotel?”

Sally shook her head.
“Fine, I’ll be going in already” Beauty said and stepped out of the car.

She walked towards the house and banged the door hard.

Granny was in her room meditating when she heard someone knocking the door.
She stood up and adjusted her scarf.

“I’m coming. Who can it be?” She asked herself as she opened the door only to see Beauty standing by the door.


“Yes granny, it’s me. Can I come in?” She asked.

Granny pushed the door wide open for her to get in.
Beauty stepped into the house and locked the door behind.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you granny. I just want to spend time here. I mean, the night or perhaps days”

Granny heaved a breathe of relief.
“I thought there was a problem. But there is”

“What granny?” She asked.

“There are only two rooms. I snore badly and you have to sleep with Dylan” she replied.

“Dylan?? Oh no. I can sleep here” she said

“No, I don’t allow people sleep in my sitting room” granny shook her head.

“Fine, I’ll go there now. Thanks granny for making me stay here” she said smiling.

Granny nodded as she watched her walking into Dylan’s room.

A smile crept on her face. Granny stood up and head back into her room.
Beauty slowly walked towards Dylan and stared at his face. The bed was pretty small so she decided to sleep on the couch opposite the bed.

As she sat on the couch, the dust entered her nose making her sneeze loudly.

Dylan jerked up and saw someone sitting on the chair.
The room was dark so he couldn’t tell who it was.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“It’s me..” she replied with her cracked voice.

Dylan stood up and slowly walked towards the switch.
He switched on the light but couldn’t see the person’s face. Her face was covered with her hair.

Dylan thought it was a spirit or probably his dead mother.
He slowly walked towards her with his heart breathing fast.

He slowly used a finger to shift some hair from her face.
He saw the pimples on her face and knew it was Beauty.

He hissed and moved to his bed.
“What are you doing here?!!”

He didn’t get a reply from her.
He furrowed his eyebrows and went to her again.

“Beauty?! Beauty?!”

She didn’t wake up.

“Oh my, what happened to her?” He asked himself and went out of the room to call everyone in.

Granny sat beside her and checked her.
“She’s still breathing but what happened to her?”

Sally frowned and checked her nose seeing some liquid coming from it.
“Did she sneeze?” She asked Dylan.

“Yeah she did. That was what woke me up” he rolled his eyes.

“Dust! She’s allergic to dust and i think it’s from the chair”

Granny hit the chair and started coughing. The dust was really much!

“What do we do?” She asked.

“Nothing, she’ll wake up in the morning” Sally replied.

Everyone sighed and went back to their sleeping zone.
Tbc ?

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