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A ?

?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter Ten ?️?️

We should do this more often. Like we used to.” I turn around and continue putting on my clothes.

I should hit the shower as soon as I can. I’m disgustingly sweaty and sticky.

“I have other things to do.” With that I stand and leave the room without looking back. I walk to my room across the hall and see Ryan sleeping peacefully.

I walk towards him and watch him for about ten minutes then go to shower.

Thirty minutes later, I walk to my side of the bed and lie next to him.

Sleep doesn’t come for the next ten minutes but my phone’s vibration makes me alert. I take it and look at the bright screen only to see Jayden’s name! Why would he call me at one a.m?

“Jada speaking.” I answer.
“Where are you? You’re supposed to be here.” He shouts and I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Jayd…” He cuts me off.
“Leo… Leonardo is gone.” I can tell he’s panicked through his voice.

I stand immediately and place the phone between my left ear and shoulder as I ran and take my pair of black jeans and a shirt.

I take my gun and badge. The wig and contact lenses are in the car. I take my boots and rush to the room that I was in before.

“I have an emergency. Tell Ryan I’ll see him as soon as I can.” I don’t wait for an answer as I run outside to my car. I check for my car key but I can’t see it. I kick the front wheel in frustration then run into the house again to take it.

I realize Jayden already cut the call for the first time since and so I call him back.

“Where are you?” I ask as soon as he receives as I leave in my car. He tells me that he’s roaming around in his car. He tells me where to meet him and I disconnect the call then drive past the limit to the destination.

I have to inform the others. . Leo is missing. Tell Mike to call for backup.” Again. I don’t wait for a response and hang up.

I arrive at the place Jayden told just in time as he parks his car. I look around and notice we’re outside an aerobic company.

“This is where Jake and Lilly worked.” Jayden explains as soon as I step out of the car and I nod. He looks so stressed out. His blonde hair looks like it has been combed by his fingers in frustration.

He’s only in a tee that I notice he’s worn it in a rush. The front is at the back. He has basketball shorts and a pair of black sneakers.
“At what time did you notice he’s not there?” I ask as we walk to the front doors of the building.

Around thirty minutes ago. I was just from the gym and I saw Alexis run to me and told me Leo wasn’t there.” He says.

“Alexis? At one a.m?” Jayden only gives me a side glance and I take out my phone and call Cole.

“Cole. Track Alexis car. She might have him.” I say. I hear some shuffling and computer keys being pressed vigorously and then I hang up.

Jayden tries the door but it’s locked and he bangs the door with his fist in frustration. Seems we’re the same.

“Wait. Do you think Alexis has anything to do with this?” He asks as if the thought has only clicked in his mind.

“Think about it. What was Alexis doing in Leo’s room at one a.m? Alexis seems to hate the kid. They don’t get along.” I say and he seems deep in thought.

“Alexis goes into Leo’s room every night and stares at his sleeping form. Or rather stares at his locket.” I say. Jayden ponders at this information.

“Do you think Alexis is after the microchip?” Jayden asks. And I nod.

“It’s a possibility.” I shrug and we walk to our car just as Jayden’s phone rings.
“Yes Travis.” He listens for a while and cuts off the call.

“I think I might know where he is. He took his bike.” He says and a ping is heard from my phone.

“Alexis’s is in the cemetery.” I say reading Cole’s message.

“Exactly. Leo might have taken. , mmk m. M.. his bicycle and rode to the cemetery.”
“Then we have to get there before Alexis does anything.”

I say and we run to his Audi R8 V10. “We’re going to the same place. One car will be sufficient.” I explain when Jayden looks at me in question and he doesn’t say anything.

Just as he starts the car and I remember that I haven’t changed into my wig. I only took the lenses. I take a small container in my pocket and take out the lenses and try placing them in my eyes. I’m just in luck this isn’t a bumpy ride.

“I just noticed some hours ago that Alexis has the same color of your eyes.” Jayden says casually but I don’t react as I place the last lens in my left eye. “They are the same but so different.” He says again but I don’t think about his words.

My phone vibrates and I see Mike’s name. “Costa.”

“Jada. Cole just sent us an address. We’ll be there in five.” He says and I thank him.
“We’ll have backup in five.” I inform Jayden just as we arrive. I see Alexis’ familiar car and a small bike in front of it.

I show Jayden and he runs towards them and I follow him. We look around but I don’t see anyone.

“We should check Jake’s grave.” Jayden barely says as he starts running and I run after him. He stops after two minutes and too many turns.

“I can’t see anyone here.” I dumbly say as I look around but I hear nothing. I turn to him in confusion and I see him fall to his knees looking at the two graves.

Jacob Chris Williams
8th January 1989 – 25th June 2019

Lilian Anne Williams
20th May 1970 – 25th June 2019

He mutters some things and his body starts shaking. I walk to his side and kneel beside him.

“I promised I’ll protect him.” He says and I place my hand on his shoulder awkwardly.

“Come on.” I say in a low voice and stand. He takes in a deep breath then looks at the hand that I’m placing in front of him so he can get up.

He looks at the graves once again and with a determined face he stands without my help.

I retract my hand awkwardly. How’s that for trying to be nice for once?

“Let’s find my nephew.” He says and we look around for anything. Just as we hear the sirens from afar, I see something shiny. I bend and look at it closer.

It’s the locket. “Jayden. See.” I call him and moves so fast and bends next to me.
“Oh God Leo.”

Jayden groans as I pick it up.
“Is there something else that your brother or Lilian left behind that Leo has? Which could possibly host a microchip?” I ask and he seems deep in thought.

“Will a watch count?” He ask and he starts looking around as Mike and his team arrive. I let out a small smile.

“Yes. With your permission I’ll give this to Cole to have it examined.” I say and he nods.
“Any clue?” Mike asks as soon as he arrives. I lift up the locket. He looks at it but his eyes shift to my raven black hair.

“Apart from this, none.” I say and he leans forward to look at it. He moves away and orders something to his men.

I turn to Jayden and see him look at Mike with a questioning look. “Hey. We’ll find him. We have to.” I say to him with my hand on his shoulder. He nods and runs his fingers through his hair.

“Why is Mike here?” He asks and I look at him surprised.

“He’s my boss. Why?”
“He broke up with my mother months ago.” He says and my eyes widen with surprise.

How and why did Mike never say anything?


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