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A ?

?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter thirteen ?️?️

Jayden has been silent since we left Sydney’s base. I know he wants answers but how can I just tell him.

Should I be like; Hi, my real name is Candice Martins and I joined the American Mafia six years ago seeking revenge against the Italian Mafia after they fucked up my life.

After I got my revenge I started my life from scratch and got into the FBI bla bla bla. I can’t just tell him anything.

In fact he shouldn’t even know about the mafia. I’m not that evil to introduce him to it.

I know how insane this sounds, I’m an FBI agent and a mafia member.

No, I’m not a spy but I made a deal with Sydney Kings. After Marko Russo (the Italian mafia lord) would be killed, I could go away and do my own things.

Sydney has changed the mafia and so it hasn’t caused any problems since he and Isabella took over and for that I’m so thankful because the police have no issues with them as long as they don’t cause chaos.

Mike found me and gave me an opportunity to join the FBI. Marcus’ the mafia’s tech guy killed Candice Martins four years ago and created Jada Costa. Jada was my middle name and we found a girl who died and could have been the same age as me but with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Isabella talked to her family and offered them money and so here I am.

“Jada.” I hear Jayden call me. “I should do this. Those bastards are expecting me and no one else.

We don’t know what they could do to Leo if they see you.” He says pacing in my apartment. I’ve changed into what I had before we went to Sydney’s base and now I’m getting everything else ready as we wait for the men’s call.

“They’ll see me as a fragile and weak nanny. Or I could just hide in the in the back of the car. If anything happens I reveal myself.”

I say as I walk to stand in front of him. Jayden seems so stressed and has bags under his eyes.

I place a hand on his right shoulder.
“Hey, everything will work out. We’ll find him. Together.”

I say and I see he wants to argue and so I stand on my toes and kiss him.

The kiss lasts for only two seconds and part myself from him. I snicker when I see he’s frozen and looking at me with wide eyes.

You have to trust me.” I say and he shakes his head.

“Leo hasn’t taken his medicine for almost twenty four hours. His doctor just told me two days ago that he’s still in danger.”

His voice breaks and again I feel awkward not knowing what to do or say. Just as I open my mouth to say something, his phone rings and a private number appears.

He looks at me in panic and I run to my laptop and gesture for him to receive it and put on speaker.

“6th avenue under the bridge at eight p.m.” The automated voice says and cuts the call immediately.

My eyes drift to the clock and I see it’s only 6.30 p.m. I haven’t gotten any signal. I sigh in frustration.

“We have to tell Mike and his team.” I say and Jayden shouts a NO.

“We agreed about this Jada. We’ll do as they say to keep Leo safe.” He says and I don’t say or do anything else. This sucks. I love being in control of every situation.

“Fine. I’ll let you go. You’ll call me when you find Leo. I’ll wait for your call. For now, I need a destruction.

Maybe I should go check on Ryan.” I say and Jayden looks at me sceptically. “What? You won’t agree to anything I say so I’ll let you be.

I trust you.” I add and he moves towards me with the same look.

“What are you planning Jada?” He asks in a low voice which comes out as a warning. I look into his eyes.

“I’m planning on staying with Ryan and clear my head. Today has been so stressful.” I say.
“Don’t. Fu**ck. Anything. Up.” He says and I smirk.


It’s seven p.m when I arrive at the place. Those bastards made a mistake of disclosing the place before hand.

“Amateurs.” I mutter as I look around for any building I could set up my sniper. I look at every building until I find the perfect one across the street and I jog to the place. I climb the stairs to the rooftop.

I stand and spot the best place and I start setting up and getting comfortable. I see a car twenty minutes later and two men in leather jackets with a spider at the back get out.

They walk around casually. My gaze turns to the black car and a man with the same jacket a black duffle bag gets out and heads to the opposite direction.

They walk casually mixing with other oblivious people. I check the time and see it’s only ten minutes to eight.

I take out my phone and call Cole telling him about the jackets.

“The spiders? Wait, are you there? ALONE?” He asks dramatically and I roll my eyes.

“No Cole. I’m in my bed having this wet dream about men with leather jackets drawn spiders on them.”

I say sarcastically and Cole laughs.
“This is the most I’ve heard you talk. What happened to my broody mate?” He asks and I roll my eyes then cut the call.

I hear soft footsteps behind me and a man with the same jacket and duffle bag appears. He looks at my setup in shock.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” He asks and I sigh. I see him take out his phone with his right hand and I get up and throw a knive aiming at his left arm that holds the bag.

He drops it and lets out a scream in pain and I move towards him. I kick the phone away.

“Why are you here? And who do you work for?” I ask when I kick his stomach and he falls to the ground.

This is why I love the element of surprise. You always get the upper hand. He gets up and takes the knife out of his hand I smirk.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I kick him but he blocks it and charges at me. every kick and punch he throws at me I duck and block it apart from a few.

‘He’s a really good fighter’. I commend inwardly after a while until his phone rings making me distracted.

He kicks my stomach and punches me on the bridge of my nose making me fall back.

He runs to my set up and just as he’s almost pulling the trigger, I throw a knife at his neck making him choke on his blood I push him away and see Jayden carrying Leonardo to his car.

I look across the street and see the man I spotted earlier has a sniper and trying to aim at the two.

I point towards him and release just as he also releases his. I see him falling back and I take my things and pack them as fast as I can and run out of the building.

Who as he shot? Oh, God. I run with all my might to Jayden’s car where people are surrounding. I push through them and the first thing I notice is blood.

I move panicked to the kneeled body holding another lifeless body.

“Someone call 911”. I shouted. I as I too fell to my knees in shock.

Looking at Jayden’s bloody clothes holding a dead Leonardo.

TBC ???

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