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A ?

?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter fourteen ?️?️

I raise my eyes towards a silent Jayden. He isn’t moving or saying anything.

His eyes are closed and I can see tears dropping down to Leonardo’s body. I look down to the body but as every time I do, my heart skips and I feel it clench in pain.

I know people are around me but I can’t hear them. I’m sure Jayden can’t either.

I see some men try to pick Leo from Jayden’s arms but he still clings on him. “Leave him alone.

He’s supposed to wake up.” His lips say and for the first time, a tear falls down my left cheek.

The men say something but Jayden doesn’t let him go. Someone picks me up and hugs me. I don’t hug the person back but soon I hear a whimper from me.

Leonardo Williams is dead.
I hit the person’s chest as I cry. How could I let this happen? My mission was to protect him.

A mission that I belittled. Leonardo is dead. I cry. The person hugs me saying words that I don’t understand.

I stand in the person’s arms until I can hear everyone around and the sirens blaring. I move out of the person’s embrace to find its a concerned Cole.

I turn to where Jayden was but I see him climb into the ambulance.

The ambulance starts immediately the door is shut but I remain in the same spot. “It’s all my fault.

I was so fucking slow.” I say and I feel Cole move to my side and direct me to my car.
I sit and Cole walks to the driver’s seat. He sits for a while and doesn’t start the car.

“I’ve never seen you affected Jada. How did it come to this?” He asks but I don’t look towards him.

“I was supposed to protect him. I failed and he was so young and so talented.” I let out a shaky breath.

“I took your bag. It was lying next to you. We’re going to headquarters. Mike is waiting for us.” I shake my head no and I notice a slight headache form.

“No. I’ll go see Jayden. I have to go to the hospital.”

I say now feeling numb. Cole lets out a breath and mutters something under his breath that I don’t care to catch as he starts the car.

The drive takes about seven minutes to the hospital that Cole is sure that Leo and Jayden were taken to.

“I’ll wait here. Go in.” He says as soon as he parks the car and I give him a curt nod. I get out of the car and walk towards the hospital.

I see Jayden come out and I immediately walk to him. He looks like a mess. Not that I expected otherwise but he looks different.

“Jayd…” He lifts his palm to stop me and continues walking away. I follow him calling him once again. I want to tell him that… I actually don’t know but I have to say something.

I walk to him and stand infront of him.
“You were supposed to protect him. Why did you leave on Friday night when YOU should’ve been there?

I told you I would take care of Leo when I went there but YOU had to be the hero.” He says the word hero as if it’s something disgusting.

I don’t say anything because I know what he’s doing. Trying to blame the next thing. I was once there.

“I knew this plan would fail but you were so eager to do it. Do you see what happened?”

I don’t say anything and this makes him angrier. “I shouldn’t have listened to you. I shouldn’t have trusted you.

Look what it did. It costed my nephew’s life. You are toxic Jada or whatever you’re name is. Your secrets and different identities have caused this and I hate you.

I never want to see you again near me or my family.” He spits and walks bumping his shoulder with mine.

I think about his words. They aren’t true. I did everything I knew was right and that could save Leo.

Maybe I could’ve used a different strategy and tactic but I know I did whatever I could. I even went back to my past for them. He’s blaming me because he’s hurt. I’ll find Leo’s killer and I’ll torture them to death.

I look at my palms to see blood after digging my nails into them. I look towards where Jayden headed but I don’t see him and so I walk to my car where Cole is seated. I open the door and he looks up as I sit.

“Let’s go pick up your car then we’ll head to headquarters.” I say still numb.

Cole doesn’t say anything but starts the car and gets out of the driving lot in a few seconds.


FBI headquarters ??

We walk into the FBI Headquarters and I walk straight to the conference room. Cole stops me and shows me my blonde wig. When did I take it off?

We don’t want raising questions now do we?” He asks with a soft smile and I take it. I look at the wig in conflict.

I change directions and walk to the bathroom and put it on. I look at myself and see everything perfect. If only my life could be that way too.

I get out of the bathroom and find Cole standing there.

“We’re partners, remember?” He asks but as usual I don’t say anything. He places a hand on my shoulder.

“Look Jada, I think I know what you might have decided and I’m here for you.” He pats my shoulder and for the first time tonight I let out a small smile.

“You are the best partner in this place. I respect that.” I say and his eyes widen in shock before he smirks but I start walking before he says anything.

We get into the large room to find everyone bored and impatient. “So, what did we miss?” I ask as I head to my seat.

“You look too proud for someone who failed a mission.” Mr douche says. Peter Billiard has always been against me and my failure is his victory. I’ll never understand why.

“Let’s make sure the next mission goes to you then.” I mutter and Mike stands.

“Now that Jada and Cole are here, let’s start this.” He says making every conversation stop. He opens the file and looks at me for a few seconds.

“Jada, we found the bodies of the assassins as you told Cole. Both belonged to ‘The Spiders’. The jackets and tattoos of webs on their biceps.

We have a new lead. The LAPD informed me that the spiders had been responsible of different deaths in LA.

They were tracked but they covered each of their tracks until they suddenly went MIA after the police found a leak.

Looks like they escaped to here.” Mike informs as he looks down at his file.

He places Leo’s page on the scanner and we look at it on the screen. It’s the same photo that I saw a week ago when I was assigned the task. It seems long ago.

I swallow hard. The meeting continues for another hour until it’s time to leave. I look down at my badge until I hear Mike’s voice calling me. I look up and he gestures me to follow him.

I sit infront of his desk as he takes off his coat and hangs it on his chair then seats.

“I have a confession to make.” I say. Mike doesn’t say anything but nods encouragingly. I take in a deep breath.

“I got into the FBI with false identity. I know I’m supposed to be thrown into jail for that and lose my badge and I’m okay with that but first I have to catch Leo’s killers.

On my own. I’m quitting.” I put my badge on his desk. I take out my gun and also place it there then look up to see his face impassive.

“Oliver would have been proud of you.” He says making me gasp. That’s my dad. He sees my reaction and let’s out the tiniest smile.

“It was always Oliver, Matthew and I.” He says making me curious. “We knew each other from the training grounds.

We were assigned as a team throughout the course and that made us inseparable. We had each other’s back.

Matthew and Oliver were assigned cases years later when I was in my honeymoon.”1

I listen in shock. “Wait. Dad was in the FBI?” I ask dumbly and he chuckles as he nods.
“He was. I’m getting to that point. The Italian Mafia and the American Mafia were a nuisance.

Drug dealing, rapes, human trafficking. They did it all until Matthew Lopez was assigned to track down the American Mafia and Oliver Martins, your dad, the…”

“Italian Mafia.” I finish now putting the pieces together.

“Matthew died a year later leaving behind a pregnant fiance. He was so excited. He was going to meet his daughter until they shot him immediately after he landed.” He says and a tear escapes.

“Your dad saw this and decided to go undercover. The Italians were harder and more ruthless. You thought he was just a taxi driver, but he was one of the best agents.

All this happened until one day his wife, your mother, announced she had the brain tumor.

He was devastated. He decided to do what was he was best at; work, end the Italians and move on not knowing that would lead to his destruction.” I feel my cheeks wet.

“What happened to the pregnant woman?” I ask changing the subject. He exhales knowing what I’m doing.

“Carolina went through a lot. She had the baby who was kidnapped later by the Americans. It was a game to the Mafia.

They didn’t even change the baby’s names but made sure she was in the worst place with the worst people.

They got reunited years later and the daughter got married to another American Mafia Lord.

Ironically.” He says looking at me and I gasp.
“You’re talking about Isabella Kings?” I ask shocked and he smirks.


So sad ??? Leo is dead ???

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