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A ?

?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter eighteen ?️?️


Hey, Jayden can we meet up. Right now?” Linda calls Jayden still sobbing. “Yeah. That’s perfect.” She says and hangs up the call.

“This this park near the Williams’ mansion. He said he’ll meet me there.”

She says and she takes her phone and calls someone. “Dave, party’s over. I’ll be out for a while… Yeah…. With Jada… Okay.”

She says hanging up and climbs onto the back of the motorbike.

I follow her directions to the park and we arrive just as Jayden arrives on foot.

He stops in his tracks and looks at me wide eyed. He’s in a black leather jacket where he’s tacked his hands in.

He has a pair of black jeans that look good on him. Linda gets off the bike as Jayden opens and shuts his mouth then walks to me when he notices that I’m trying to leave.

“Jada? Fuc*k! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” He says surprising me. He has?
“You have?” Linda asks looking between us.

Jayden clears his throat then realizes the situation.

“Linda? What are you doing with her?” He turns to me asking the second question but his sister beats me to it.

“I’m so sorry Jay. I wish I listened to you when you came. I never knew that Loe is gone.

I should have been there.” She sobs as she hugs him making Jayden lean lower. I move away trying to give them privacy.

I look at my phone and notice a text message from Sydney Kings sent five minutes ago.

Looks like I couldn’t notice because of my bike.
Sydney K.

We have a lead. Come over to the base as soon as you can.

I look behind me to see Jayden and his sister talking as she cries.

Jayden seems teary too. I should just go since I have nothing to do here.

I walk to my bike and just as I insert my key on the ignition, Jayden’s hand holds my wrist. I look up to him.

“Can we please talk. It’ll be short.” He says and my eyes move to a teary Linda whose watching us quietly.

“I need to get somewhere fast. Some other day, okay?” I ask but he shakes his head.

“I know you.” He says making me raise my eyebrow. “When you leave, that’s the last time I’ll be seeing you.

You’re so damn hard to find Jada.” He says and I smirk. He’s right.

“One minute.” I say sitting straight on the motorbike.

“That’s enough. I quit basketball days ago.” He says and I just stare at him. ‘Okay, so?’ I inwardly ask but he seems to read it in my face and he lets out a small smirk.

“So, I want in. I know you’re looking for his killers and I’m so stuck with the information I have.

Maybe it could help you but you’d have to let me join you.” He says and I think about it.

I can do this by myself. I have the American mafia helping me after all and Cole too.

And maybe the information he has won’t probably make a difference if I already have it.

Is he cut out for this? When the Italians took me I was a weak and broken girl but I still had my revenge. One can never underestimate a person set on revenge after all.

Oh, and before I forget, letting him in will have to make me reveal to him that I’m in some mafia gang and the so feared billionaire couple are heading it.

“No.” I say making his hopeful expression fade and replaced by anger.

“Fine. I’ll just go to the Spiders’ base alone.” He says turning making me frown. He knows where it is? I’ve been looking for that place for a week now!

“Wait.” I say just as he puts his arm around Linda. “Fine.” I say making him smirk. “But I have to go somewhere first.” I say and he walks to me.

“Does it concern this case?” He asks.

“Then I’m coming too. We’re a team now.” He says and I look at Linda.

“Ken’s coming for me.” She says and I remember from her file that he’s her husband. “He’s five minutes away.” She adds and Jayden nods curtly. Hmm.

We stand in silence before a sleek porshe comes into view and a brunnete man about five years older than me steps out. He looks at me the then Jayden before turning to Linda.

“What’s wrong baby.” He says as he moves towards Linda and embraces her.

Their hair have almost the same shade. I look at Jayden just to see him looking at the two nothing displaying in his face or eyes. “Hi. I’m Ken Manchester.”

Ken says extending his hand towards me and I do the same greeting him.

“Jada Costa.” I reply and he turns to Jayden.
“Hey man.” He says as they do their bro handshake as I observe them.

Ken moves to Linda and tells us that they’re leaving.
“They are in love.” I state trying to see Jayden’s expression.

“Yeah. But he’s the reason why she left. Well not his reason but a partial cause.” He says making my eyebrows raise in question and Jayden sees this.

“Story for another day.” He says as he climbs the motorbike behind me and places his hands on my waist.

“So where are we going?” He asks making me take in a deep breath. Should I just tell him now or just show him? I’m minutes late. I’ll just show him.

“You’ll see.” I reply vaguely.
“Stop doing that.” I yell four minutes into the ride.

“What? I can’t hear you over the wind and your voice is muffled by the helmet.” He explains and so I shout.

“STOP RUBBING YOUR THUMBS ON MY SKIN.” I shout and immediately he stops before he lets out a laugh.

“I didn’t even realize I was doing it. You have soft skin.”

He says and I laugh too. We drive for eight minutes before we arrive at the familar gates. Jayden had started rubbing his thumbs again five minutes ago but I didn’t stop him this time.

I give out my identity with my real names to Colin making Jayden press his hand against me.

He had forgotten that part. “You’ll have to tell me the story about your names.” He whispers in my left ear.

“And your friend?” Colin asks and I also give out Jaydens info. They hand him a visitor’s badge before granting us excess.

“K. A. M? What does that mean?” Jayden asks looking at the badge.

“Patience Jayden.” I reply. I stop at my usual spot where one of my cars is and I park beside it.

“I remember we came here the last time but I never got these chills. They didn’t even ask for my information last time.” He says.

“It’s because I got back to them. I’m fully in.” I say and he holds my arm making me stop.
“Tell me what’s going on Jada.” He says his voice low.

“It’s you who asked to join me not knowing what you’re getting yourself into.” I say looking into his icy blue eyes.

“Yeah. I know. You’re just acting so secretive and mysterious. This place is mysterious.” He says and I chuckle unexpectedly. “Is this some secret organization Jada? CIA maybe?”

“It is a secret organization. A family that protects one another. That are always there for each other.

The most feared and heartless family.” I say making him look at me thoughtfully.

“The Mafia?” He asks.
“Bingo.” I whisper in his ear as I move past him.


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