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A ?

?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter five ?️?️

Jada’s pov

12.32 a.m.

I better head off to bed. I yawn as I raise my hand to switch off my laptop screen showing different parts of the house but a movement makes me stop mid air depriving me off any traces of sleep.

In a large white shirt is Alexis tip toeing out of her room as she looks around.

Her eyes look at the camera and my breath hitches. It’s like we’re looking at each other. I stay immobile waiting for any movement.

Her head turns before her body does the same and heads towards the hallway with my room in.

At least she never saw the tiny camera.
I turn the screen to the cameras showing my hallway.

She tiptoes as she looks around. She looks almost confident. Like something she’s used to doing it. She stops in front of Leonardo’s room. Hmmm!

I turn the cameras to Leo’s room. Alexis stand at the foot of his bed looking at his sleeping form.

She moves closer to his bed. I take the discarded wig that I placed next to the laptop and start fixing it into my hair as I stare intently at the screen.

Alexis doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t do anything else. She only looks down at his sleeping form.

What’s wrong with her? This continues for about five minutes until Leo seems to move and Alexis tenses.

Her right hand forms a fist as she turns and leaves the room just as quietly. I split the screen into different cameras.

She heads towards Jayden’s room and gets in without knocking. Seems like they are closer than I knew. Not that I hadn’t speculated something.

I take out the wig again exhaling out in relief. The question now is; why would Alexis watch Leo sleep for five minutes? I pace around the room trying to piece everything.

‘Alexis works for Sarah as a model for three years now. Jacob Williams and his wife Lilian Williams died only two years ago.

Could it be a coincidence?’ I feel like my brain is going to explode.

I go to the steel jug I place water in to find it empty. Just great! I look at the screen. Alexis is still in Jayden’s room.

I better check on Leo first. Maybe I missed something that could be leading me somewhere.

I get into his room. Leo is holding the same locket and Jacob and Lilian’s photo is seen.

Could it be Alexis was staring at the locket and not at Leo? But why?

The questions grow inside my head as I head towards the kitchen. Is there more to Leo’s parents than everyone is letting out?

A love triangle perhaps? No. There’s nothing that shows Jacob and Alexis together anywhere. Secret lovers perherps?

“Jada, Jada, Jada.” A voice behind me says and Instantly kick from behind before turning.

Jayden falls with a grunt and my eyes widen. But I make no move to help him up. He deserves it after startling me.

“Oops. I didn’t see you there.” I say my voice dripping with sarcasm and Jayden looks at me astonished but his blue eyes show some slight humor.

The situation looks funny though. A 5’7 petite looking woman kicks a 6’2 feet giant of a man. A hot muscled man with no shirt on. I look away when he turns to me.

I take the steel jug and fill it with water then take a glass of water next then sit. I have to know more about Alexis. I clear my throat ready to ask him.

“So you and Alexis…” I leave my statement unsaid waiting for him to say something but all I get is silence.

I turn to where he’s standing but… nothing. He… he already left!

I stand and take the glass and rinse it then place where it should be.

That went bad.
I better head to my room then. I need to wake up and hit the gym.


The four a.m alarm wakes me up from another nightmare and I couldn’t be happier. I change into my gym gear and silently get out of my room.

Leah told me that the gym is in the basement and so I head towards the basement. I walk as I look around trying to see anything suspicious.

Maybe it’s not Leonardo who has the micro chip.
The door to the basement is white and is slightly open.

Did they just forget to lock it or someone else is here? I hope it’s the former.

I get in and study the modern gym after finding the switch and turning it on and for the second time since I came to this mansion, my jaw drops.

And that says a lot. The four large walls and the ceiling are covered with glass.

Every single thing is here. I expected it to have the basics. I look around mesmerized. No wonder Jayden had all that muscle. I just found my new best place in the house. Not that I had any other.

An hour later, I emerge from heaven with a sticky and sweaty body.

The adrenaline starts to wear off as I walk towards my room while drinking some water. I switch on my laptop as I start discarding off my sports bra that reeks of sweat.

The house is still as silent as every morning. Time for my shower.

Cold water flows through my body making me sigh as I think about Alexis. This whole time she’s been showing suspicious character.

What really could be her motive. I have to report this to Mike.

He’ll know what to do.
I get out of the cold shower and start preparing for my day.

I place the brown contact lenses and sit in front of my laptop looking at the screen as I mindlessly comb through the blonde wig as I think of Alexis and Leonardo.

The chip definitely has to be in the locket or in that drawer inside his walk-in closet.

A movement makes me alert. I look at the time and see that Rita should be in the kitchen in ten minutes and she never comes earlier than that.

The brown curly hair and large whit shirt from before. Alexis.

Typical. She comes from Jayden’s room and head to hers for about two minutes then emerges with a cap covering her face and a black duffle bag.

She runs through the back door that leads to the garden.

My eyes follow her movements to her car. The car number plate.

I can’t see it. She switches on the headlights and I jolt down the number as fast as I can and I take out my phone to call Cole.

“I’m sending Alexis’ car plate number. Track it with everything you got. We can’t lose her.” I say immediately Cole picks up. I send the number and tells me he’s on it.

“There is something off about Alexis and I think she’ll lead us to Lilian and Jacob’s killers.”

I say but he doesn’t say anything. I only hear his fingers type furiously. ‘Does this man sleep with his gadgets?’

I wonder as I disconnect the call.


What’s Alexis up to?????

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